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Become A Member!

Qualification for Membership:

  1. You can become a member if you are a tenant and not a landlord/work for landlords. 
  2. You want to be member and declare it. 
  3. Email/fill out contact below/public declaration of membership allows for voting rights.
  4. Follow group rules/ norms.

Membership Benefits

  1. Union membership email/ updates
  2. BTU Membership Card (optional)
  3. Voting Right
  4. Online access to all our notes, flyers, reading material, etc (read only),
  5. Online access to members-only Keybase group
  6. Opportunity to work with others to gain power for renters

How Voting Works:

  1. Meaningful engagement. Try for consensus, but go for 2/3 majority for major decisions.
  2. Poll members to vote on union-wide issues. 48 hours notice, 1-2 weeks for bigger votes.
  3. Can vote online if unable to make a vote in person.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Burlington Tenants Union member. A BTU organizer will be in touch via phone to orient you to the union shortly.